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Please Read this Notice before visiting our site:
It is unlikely that we will return to showing our work at Art Fairs anytime soon.  An injury a couple of years ago made it impossible to do art fairs, but I am now active in the shop on a limited basis.  I have been making quite a few utensils for my wholesale accounts and many designs are available for purchase.  Please email to check availability or timing of any orders.
The other work shown in this web site in indicative of the work we have made over the past
few years.  When I get a chance, I will update the the site to reflect
the work that is available.  Thank you for your continuing interest in our work.


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"Work, where you can, in the spirit of Nature, with an invisible hand of art."
Wm. Wordsworth

Meyer Wood Designs
1369  MC 5002  ~ Yellville, AR 72687
e-mail: meywood@yellville.net



Ikebana Flower Arrangers Sushi Trays  Utensils Wall & Table Sculpture