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Ikebana Flower Arrangers

We make seven types of ikebana or flower arranger vases shown below, all designed to take up little space on the desk or a shelf.
To place an order, or for more information
e-mail: or call 870-404-9003

The vases above, inspired by the shape of a pagoda, have a metal kenzan with a frog to hold water and keep the flower upright. The base is 2 inches square by 2 inches high.  This pagoda is $27.  The tall, two-toned pagoda is 3" high.  This is $29.  Add $4 each for shipping and handling.

The vases to the left are in the shape of an arch.  They are 2 high by 8" long.  These too have a metal kenzan for the flowers.  The arches are $29 plus $4 s&h.

These vases are inspired by the shape of a lotus leaf.  They are a little over an inch high and are about 5" in diameter with the kenzan in the center.  These are $30 plus $4 s&h.

Double Arch.  This piece is about 10" long and has two kenzans to hold the flowers.  It is basically a double of the arch shown above.  This piece is $50 plus $4 s&h.

This bridge is 12 inches long by 2 1/2 inches wide and 2 inches high with the kenzan with frog in the center. This bridge is $42 plus $4 s&h.

The Pyramid is about 6 X 6 inches square and 11/2 to 2 inches high.  It is $45 plus $4 s&h.

Three Piece Set. They can configure as a circle of about 12"  in diameter (left) or in a serpentine look of about 24" in length.  At present this is available in either padauk, a richly hued hardwood, or in walnut.  Please check with us for other woods available.  The price is $100 plus $5 s&h.

To place an order, or for more information
e-mail: or call 870-404-9003

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We send a card with the following Care Information for each Ikebana.

"Each ikebana has a hardwood base and a kenzan with a frog to hold water and keep the flower upright. The wood can be maintained with mineral oil or furniture wax. The kenzan can be removed and cleaned with a denture cleanser tablet. Enjoy!"

To order any of the ikebana above, please select the type of ikebana you wish to order and any wood preference.  We make these from a variety of carefully chosen hardwoods and have a nice variety available.  If you have seen us at an art fair, you are probably familiar with what is available.  You may order any of these woods; or you may want to specify a light or a dark wood and we will select the nicest pieces available. 

The shipping on orders over $150, any combination, is $2 each.  You may order by mail or call us at the number below.  You may also email us with your inquiry and we will quickly take care of your order. 

Meyer Wood Designs
1369  MC 5002 ~ Yellville, AR  72687